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Carrier XCT7 VRF

Fitted with the latest innovations in cooling, the Carrier XCT7 VRF guarantees an optimal user experience. Packed with anti-liquid shock technology, a centrifugal oil separator, and 10-stage oil return technology, it comes with a wide range of compact indoor and outdoor units suited to most buildings.

  • Full LEED efficiency – all CDUs qualify for LEED points; better than other entry-level competitors
  • Top reliability – standard black fin coating enhances resistance to dust, sand, coastal conditions
  • 10-stage oil return technology
  • Installer friendly – One touch button for trial operation saves 10% of start up trial time
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Why choose Carrier VRF?

Your choice of VRF system makes a difference. When you invest in Carrier VRF, you create a system that delivers on the promise of comfort, performance and reliability - the backbone of Carrier confidence.

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