Carrier Project Solutions

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Get the Carrier edge whenever you undertake a new project or plan to expand your building’s HVAC system with Carrier Project Solutions.

At Carrier Philippines, our mission is to provide our customers with results-focused, value-creating, and innovative HVAC solutions that address their needs by harnessing our technical expertise.

Thus, Carrier Project Solutions was created. This has allowed us to enable our experts to work closely and seamlessly with our customers, and complement whatever knowledge regarding their particular business and industry they already bring to the table.

Whether you’re an engineer, contractor, architect, building manager, owner, or any kind of stakeholder in the business or building in question, you can count on Carrier’s expertise and superior service offerings to help you get the most out of your HVAC system from startup to the rest of its entire lifecycle.

The 4 Key Services of
Project Solutions

Engineering Design

Carrier’s team of engineers offers assistance with the optimal designing of your building’s HVAC and connected systems. To ensure adherence to industry standards, we apply the latest innovations in systems and equipment.

Our engineering design services extend to the following systems: hydronic systems, DX systems, ventilation, controls, and building management systems.


Equipment Selection

Choosing an HVAC system requires the consideration of many factors: a building’s configuration and general structure, the climate conditions (which affect the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a particular area), and more.

Should you need help deciding, our engineers can help you choose the most appropriate air conditioning system for your specific building requirements. When working with us, you can expect quick, reliable, and optimized equipment choices that will meet your building’s cooling requirements while complying with industry standards. We can also help you navigate the complexities of determining the proper equipment to have according to the building’s configuration, the available spaces, your construction budget, and the available utilities.


Project and Installation Management

Proper installation is a challenging job for most large air conditioning equipment and systems. It requires a lot of expertise, good engineering practices, and knowledge. It’s very important to get it right because improper or faulty installation of equipment could lead to multiple unscheduled shutdowns, nuisance tripping, or in some cases, premature failure which increases downtime which in turn decreases productivity.

When you work with us, you gain access to a team of engineers and technicians with unparalleled equipment and systems knowledge as well as expertise in installation honed through years of practical field experience.

Besides helping you with the installation, we can also help you manage the entire project in a timely, cost-effective, and safe manner while adhering to the highest possible standards.


Startup & Commissioning

Once project installation has been completed, our team of engineers will conduct the startup and commissioning phase. This involves inspecting the equipment to ensure that it has indeed been installed correctly and is performing within acceptable parameters. This is to make absolutely certain that your investment is properly integrated and that your HVAC system constantly achieves optimum performance.