AdvanTEC by Carrier Philippines: Integrated solutions for greener buildings and a more sustainable future

As experts in modern air-conditioning and the leading global provider of healthy, safe, and sustainable building solutions, Carrier furthers its thrust for green buildings with AdvanTEC– a team wholly dedicated to developing innovative business solutions that solve issues faced by building owners today and tomorrow, to create a future filled with smarter, safer, and more efficient buildings.

October 5, 2022

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Who we are

In 2019, the Department of Energy enacted the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Law in the Philippines. That same year, AdvanTEC was founded within CCAC (Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning).

Composed of specialists and experts in energy efficiency and environment protection, this team is dedicated to developing integrated business solutions for greener, more sustainable buildings. With Carrier’s core value of innovation as its guiding principle, AdvanTEC provides clients across a wide variety of industries with smart solutions that allow them to achieve higher energy efficiency, greater system performance, and increased environmental benefits.


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What we do

At AdvanTEC, we are “building doctors” and we are experts in building efficiency.

As building doctors, AdvanTEC’s mission is to help clients seamlessly transition to sustainable buildings. We work closely with them as they go through the process of enhancing energy efficiency in their buildings, providing them with end-to-end services and smart solutions in one smooth process.

Step 1: Diagnosis

We start by assessing the building and diagnosing its current state, rating the building’s energy “fitness”.

Step 2: Recommendations

Then, we prescribe ways in which the building’s energy fitness can be improved, by way of “strict energy diets” or smarter energy use and recommended upgrades.

Step 3: Management and Implementation

We then proceed to oversee and implement the necessary changes and upgrades in the building through our extensive network of technicians and engineers within the CCAC group.

Step 4: Monitoring

Finally, continuous monitoring of these developments will be done in partnership with our clients to ensure smooth operations.

Services we offer

AdvanTEC’s services specialize in three key areas of focus:

1. Energy Audits

We conduct energy audits to evaluate a building’s energy consumption and review its energy costs. This determines the appropriate business solutions that need to be implemented to improve energy efficiency and achieve more savings.

Through energy audits, clients can identify opportunities in savings for both energy and costs, also ensuring compliance with the EEC Law (Republic Act No. 11285). Aside from this, it assures them that their equipment (like chiller plants or other machinery) functions properly. With this, they can uncover and resolve hidden technical or operational issues. Along the way, they are able to utilize or free up additional energy capacity that can be repurposed. Moreover, having energy audits can also pave the way for them to conduct their own research for future projects.


LEVEL 1 – Walkthrough Audit

AdvanTEC’s Walkthrough Audit utilizes data already available from clients and focuses on reviewing it. Based on the provided data, the AdvanTEC team makes recommendations for smart solutions to optimize energy efficiency.

LEVEL 2- Energy Survey & Analysis Audit

For a deeper energy audit, the Energy Survey & Analysis Audit conducts its own data collection to replace assumptions with actual data to discover new information that can fill the gaps through actual measurements. The breakdown of energy use is extracted to formulate strategies for ECM (Energy Conservation Measures), and estimated savings and paybacks from these innovative strategies are calculated.

LEVEL 3-Investment-grade Audit

The most advanced energy audit AdvanTEC offers, Investment-grade Audits involve a deep dive through detailed and exhaustive evaluation and analysis of the building’s energy use. This then generates a calibrated model of the building’s energy consumption, resulting in more optimized and targeted ECM strategies. It also paves the way to generating a more detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications for more precise projections on energy savings.


2. Automation

Through Carrier’s i-Vu® solutions suite, the latest innovative technology and equipment come together to help AdvanTEC clients manage facilities with ease and confidence in various ways.

First, clients save on engineering & commissioning labor costs, along with costs involving maintenance personnel. It also improves the plant’s reliability, performance, and lifespan– ensuring that equipment run optimally for greater return on investment from energy costs. It provides more control through access to real-time and historical data. And because it detects problems early, it reduces costs and time consumption related to undergoing system maintenance.

Carrier’s i-Vu® solutions suite products include:

A. i-Vu® Building Automation System (BAS)

Carrier’s i-Vu® Building Automation system grants clients access to a comprehensive suite of building management and control systems through innovative technology that:

  • Illustrates the big picture and puts it into sharp focus using a 360° view of a building’s entire operation
  • Makes communication with HVAC and ancillary system components accessible
  • Grants access to a real-time consolidated view of the building’s operating conditions, energy usage, and occupant comfort
  • Provides seamless, comprehensive, and flexible control of all systems in the building

Use of the BAS service gives clients access to:
(1) Advanced Technology Solutions that maximize both environmental and energy performance, (2) an interactive kiosk that displays the property’s energy conservation and sustainability solutions to building occupants, and (3) a dashboard with extensive trending capabilities for generating operational data for tracking and analyzing building performance.


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B. i-Vu® Plant System Manager

A fully integrated component of the i-Vu BAS, Carrier’s i-Vu® Plant System manager oversees and controls chiller plant equipment and responds to the building load by:

  • Automatically starting the plant
  • Staging and stopping the plant
  • Resetting the temperature of the chilled water supply
  • Matching tonnage as needed by the building

The i-Vu® Plant System Manager supports advanced algorithms, optimizations, diagnostics, and analytics add-ons.


3. Remote Monitoring

Carrier AdvanTEC’s remote monitoring solutions are programmed to help clients drive savings by identifying potential risks to their plant chiller systems before they turn into more costly problems. This innovative technology provides valuable information that will help protect AdvanTEC clients’ investments, reduce operating costs, and minimize the risk of building downtime.

Features of AdvanTEC’s Remote Monitoring Service:

A. Real Time Monitoring:


The RMS (Remote Monitoring Service) gets you 24/7 data logging of chiller plant, airside, and refrigeration system year-round. With this system in place, you can easily manage and analyze the data it collects. It also interfaces for every type of user such as PC, tablet, and smartphone support.

B. Prognostics / Advanced Risk Identification:

Because the RMS assesses the actual chiller’s operating conditions, it easily monitors threshold violations, quickly identifies potential risks before they even occur, and provides a rapid and targeted response to reduce downtime.

C. Professional Report Generation

Through the RMS center, professional reports covering systematic analysis, professional recommendations, and energy efficiency improvement proposals are easily generated.

Advantages of working with us

When you choose to work with AdvanTEC, our solutions will help your business:

  • Maximize cooling system performance and efficiency, ensuring better reliability within your entire system; and be at the forefront of learning about enhancements and upgrades that can further improve your systems
  • Ensure less downtime in your business– increase your uptime through access to faster, more accurate diagnosis and stellar service
  • Reduce cost and drive savings through improved budgeting and scheduling

All in all, the AdvanTEC advantage is less risk, less anxiety, and more peace of mind.