Welcome to Carrier Commercial Solutions

via advanced air and climate control solutions that drive health, efficiency and productivity.

Welcome to Carrier Commercial Solutions

via advanced air and climate control solutions that drive health, efficiency and productivity.

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We offer a variety of solutions to help our clients not only sustain their businesses but also scale them upwards to match their future goals.

Our Expertise

The 8 Holistic Business Services

Project & Installation Management

We oversee all aspects of the aircon installation process to guarantee that our customers get the most appropriate setup for their business needs. This covers everything from checking the requirements to the actual planning and executing of the project.

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Startup & Commissioning

Upon completing the installation phase, we conduct the equipment start-up testing and commissioning process to ensure that the project has indeed followed all the agreed upon and acceptable parameters, and that the system is working as intended.

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Periodic Maintenance

In order to maximize the life and ensure peak performance of the equipment, we offer a comprehensive preventive Maintenance Program. With it, you can reduce equipment downtime, minimize the need for repairs, improve safety, and reduce unnecessary costs.

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Service Repair

Our customer service support team and certified expert technicians are well-prepared to respond to any repair and maintenance needs and product issues you may have, all so your systems encounter minimal downtime and uninterrupted productivity.

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Parts & Supply

In case your system needs replacement parts or a full repair, our certified field personnel can diagnose these issues and do repairs on-site. You can always trust Carrier products to use only authentic parts for new products and repair jobs.

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Retrofit Services

We offer energy audits and optimization for your existing system, keeping it operating as efficiently as possible across its service life. Beyond compliance, we can assist your business by helping you make informed decisions for any system upgrades.

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Engineering Design

Our engineering consultants can work directly with you to build an HVAC system designed and customized for your specific workplace, one that follows industry standards and that applies the latest innovations in systems and equipment.

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Equipment Selection/ Quotation

Our engineering consultants can help you choose the right equipment for your building’s HVAC requirements. With the right pieces, you can avoid uncertainties and enjoy benefits such as reduced energy consumption and improved system performance.

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Industry Solutions

Light Commercial

Discover Light Commercial Solutions

Carrier offers a wide range of light commercial solutions including floor mounted, underceiling and cassette type products that help balance comfort and efficiency.


Airport Hallways

Meeting Rooms

Convenience Stores



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Our Experts

Over 100 Years of HVAC System Experience


Carrier personnel undergo their training at Carrier University, considered the gold standard for HVAC knowledge and education. There, they are taught by proven industry veterans who have combined their collective and knowledge experience to create and deliver training programs for multiple proficiency levels and professions in the HVAC industry. The result is that Carrier University students go on to become some of the best professionals in the business.